Training Camps and Seminar for TKM Students



Every year our organization holds several training camps/seminars for members. The main goal of these seminars is to further train our students, prepare them for belt rank exams and improve their overall ability. Sessions are done in small groups, with students included based on their ranking. The seminars are taught by our senior instructors.

In additional to these sessions for our students, we also hold an annual seminar for TKM instructors and senior students. This seminar is led by the founder and head of TKM Erez Sharabi. The goal of this program is to improve the participants’ teaching capabilities, prepare them for the questions and responses they may have or need for teaching others and review methods of training and instruction. Additionally,  the annual training and organization guidelines for the upcoming year are covered.

TKM New York:

The activity in the Great Neck branch of TKM New York is divided by age groups and is appropriate for children aged five and older, through adulthood. In keeping with the goal of teaching self-defense skills while elevating the fitness level, the activities are tailored to each age group with appropriate discipline and instruction. At the facility, we strongly believe anyone can do it and we strongly urge everyone to do it, since physical fitness and knowing to defend oneself are invaluable. One sometimes overlooked added benefit for children and teenagers is the confidence boost often required to tackle difficult situations and, if confronted with growing epidemic of bullying, having the tools necessary to extinguish such behavior at the outset. For adults it is a great workout while acquiring very practical tools for unexpected situations which call for self-defense and violence suppression. For students of all ages, it is building comradery with other likeminded concerned members of the community. When people come to try out Krav Maga, what often times makes them stay is the people they train with, both at the student and instructor levels.

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